NAPERVILLE, Ill., September 14, 2009 – Brexis Courier is making great strides to become environmentally friendly. Since March, the company has followed green practices at their work site in order to save money, conserve natural resources and serve as an example for other courier  companies to go green. The goal of their Internal Green Initiative plan is to create a competitive advantage in the industry, motivate other couriers, and emphasize the importance of prolonging the longevity of our environment.

Recycling packing materials is the core of the company’s green routine and has shown significant benefits in a short amount of time. Brexis Courier saves money by reusing boxes, bubble wrap, foam and other plastic packing materials used for shipping products from their warehouse. “We receive on average seventy packages a day and the high volume of cardboard boxes, plastic packing, and foam was piling up in the warehouse. It was an obvious solution for us to reuse the materials not only to save money, but to clear space in the warehouse for other freight,” says Molly Durr, Director of Marketing at Brexis Courier. In addition to reusing packing materials, the company cuts costs and saves energy by leaving windows open instead of turning on the air conditioning, using energy efficient light bulbs, recycles high volumes of paper scraps and promotes their E-commerce option to reduce  or eliminate paper copies.

Part of Brexis Courier’s green agenda is to motivate their employees to change their habits and start thinking about the long lasting importance of recycling. One way the company executes this goal is by making recycling easy and accessible for their staff. They purchased two industrial size recycling bins for the warehouse where most of the foot traffic and package handling takes place. The employees can easily discard of the high volume of paper scraps without having to move to a different work station. Brexis Courier continuously looks for new ways to recycle and reuse materials and find eco-friendly packing and shipping solutions. They recently donated ten PCs to a local organization that will restore the computers and give them to people that can’t afford one.  

About Brexis Courier:
Brexis Courier has provided clients with unique courier solutions since 2000. Their services include: same day delivery, messenger pickup and delivery, pack and ship, order fulfillment, ATM replenishment, cash-in-transit, hot shots, cross dock, medical record transport, and short term and long term warehousing. Brexis uses a web-based dispatch, package tracking, and performance reporting system to allow clients to make the right decision at the right time. They are fully insured by Chubb and Lloyd’s of London and are licensed and registered with the State of Illinois. They are fully sanctioned by the Illinois Commerce Commission.

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