Jericho, NY (PRWEB) -- Rethinking shipping options, consolidation and maximizing cross border efficiencies are three categories discussed in Purolator USA's recently released white paper, "Creativity and Flexibility are Keys to Managing Rising Logistics Costs." The white paper, which can also be accessed through, is intended to help businesses cut costs by better managing their transportation and delivery plans.

U.S. businesses saw logistics costs increase by nearly $100 billion during 2007, which was an increase of seven percent over the previous year. While lower fuel prices have helped to bring down logistics costs somewhat, the economic downturn that took hold in October has left many businesses struggling to manage the costs of doing business.

"Purolator USA is committed to doing everything we can to help our customers succeed during the current economic slowdown," says Purolator USA President John Costanzo. "Many of our customers are walking a tightrope right now -- trying to control costs while not sacrificing service or standards."

Purolator USA, which offers logistics solutions for shipments traveling between the United States and Canada, as well as within the U.S., offers customers several options for managing costs:

  • Rethink Shipping Options. Transporting goods via air is significantly more expensive than ground shipping. Air transport should be reserved for shipments that are extremely time sensitive and must be delivered by a certain date. Even within the "ground shipping" category, Purolator USA offers a range of delivery options that customers can choose from depending on their delivery needs.
  • Maximize Government Trade Program Incentives. Both the U.S. and Canadian governments maintain programs designed to facilitate cross border trade. While NAFTA did a great deal to level the playing field between the two countries, there are additional benefits available to businesses looking to expand their customer base. Purolator USA is widely recognized for its expertise in cross border logistics, and through its Purolator Trade Solutions, offers customers recommendations about bringing goods across the border with minimal delays, and with maximum cost efficiency.
  • Rethink Brick and Mortar Facilities in Canada. The U.S. dollar has regained its strength against its Canadian counterpart, thereby driving up the cost of maintaining distribution centers or other facilities in Canada. Purolator USA maintains deep distribution networks within Canada, which usually means that a shipment can bypass a costly and inefficient distribution center stopover. This also frees businesses from having to maintain duplicate inventories.

"We have instructed our sales team that priority number one right now is to work with customers to make sure that logistics plans are as tight and efficient as they can possibly be," says Costanzo. "We are very committed to helping our customers manage during these tough economic times, and have a range of options to help control logistics costs."

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