Jericho, NY (Vocus/PRWEB ) -- Purolator USA has released a new technology system which, when combined with existing capabilities, will enhance the company's ability to provide rapid, cost effective logistics services. Purolator USA's heightened technological capability allows customers increased account visibility and greater options throughout the supply chain.

Purolator USA, a leading provider of cross border and intra-U.S. logistics services is recognized for its extensive distribution networks both in Canada and in the U.S. Widely known for expertise in cross border regulatory issues, and for strong commitment to customer service, Purolator has been able to use technology to integrate each of these strengths, thereby ensuring top-notch logistics solutions for each customer.

"Simply having the capability to move goods through the supply chain is not enough," says Purolator USA, President John Costanzo. "In today's environment, information is necessary and customers want 24/7 access to their accounts, and they expect that their logistics provider will be able to offer technology-driven service options."

Purolator's web-based technology system enables customers to have complete accessibility to their accounts, including shipment history, tracking and invoicing. The system complements Purolator's modeling capabilities, through which the company has developed to fit a variety of scenarios. Purolator's modeling capacity has proven to be superior, and is often cited by customers as an advantage.

"Technology has long been a key factor in Purolator USA's success with cross border logistics. Our models have proven to be very effective in helping to manage the border process so that our customers' goods encounter minimal delays and reduced regulatory fees," Costanzo says.

Purolator's use of technology allows the company to maximize its extensive distribution networks both in the U.S. and in Canada. "Our systems allow us to find the most cost efficient, fastest distribution routes for our customers," Costanzo says. "In the process, we utilize cost management solutions, which increases customer benefits."

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About Purolator USA
Purolator USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Purolator Courier Ltd, Canada's leading overnight courier company. Purolator USA specializes in the air and surface forwarding of small packages and freight shipments, customs brokerage and delivery to, from and within the North American market.

In addition to its facilities throughout New York State, Purolator USA has expanded into several key markets including Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Philadelphia and Raleigh/Durham.

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Purolator USA
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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- YRC Worldwide Inc. announced today that its Yellow Transportation, Roadway, Holland and New Penn business units have reached a tentative agreement with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters to modify the current labor agreement for employees covered by the National Master Freight Agreement. Details surrounding the modification are expected to be available next week following further discussions with labor leadership and the affected employees.

Bill Zollars, Chairman, President and CEO of YRC Worldwide, commented, "We have already taken a number of steps to strengthen our financial position and improve both our profitability and our competitiveness, including the continued successful integration of Yellow Transportation and Roadway, the exchange of equity for notes through private transactions, modification of our non-union pension and retirement plans, sales of excess properties and, most recently, the commencement of a $100 million tender offer to purchase outstanding notes. While these efforts have been effective, the worsening macroeconomic crisis in America and the increasingly critical state of our industry mean that we must take additional measures."

Zollars continued, "The industry decline in volumes and pricing is continuing in the current quarter, affecting our profits and cash flow and our ability to pay down debt from operating funds. The modification to the agreement, which we expect to be ratified in December, will establish a more competitive cost structure allowing us to accelerate our market share recovery and capitalize on opportunities for future growth, while at the same time, defending the long-term prospects and job security of our employees."

"Extraordinary times call for extraordinary action," said Mike Smid, President and CEO of YRC North American Transportation. "In that regard, our employees should be proud of the professionalism and seriousness that the Teamsters took on all fronts in their approach in reaching this tentative agreement. We look forward to continuing to work with them to protect the future of our employees and our company. At the end of the day, we have the interests of our employees and our customers in common, and together we are working hard to make our business more competitive and improve our position going forward."

About YRC Worldwide

YRC Worldwide Inc., a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest transportation service providers in the world, is the holding company for a portfolio of successful brands including Yellow Transportation, Roadway, Reimer Express, YRC Logistics, New Penn, Holland, Reddaway and Glen Moore. The enterprise provides global transportation services, transportation management solutions and logistics management. The portfolio of brands represents a comprehensive array of services for the shipment of industrial, commercial and retail goods domestically and internationally. Headquartered in Overland Park, Kan., YRC Worldwide employs approximately 58,000 people.


Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) -- QSI Corporation and Innovative Software Engineering (ISE), market leaders in mobile hardware and software respectively are teaming up to offer complete, fully customized solutions for the transportation industry.
"We are excited to be working with an industry leader such as QSI," said Hass Machlab, President, Innovative Software Engineering. "This partnership will allow us to reach out to the transportation industry in an entirely new way."

QSI Corporation offers its TREQ® family of mobile data terminals (MDTs) to a wide variety of fleet management vendors, system integrators and end-user customers. Customers often require software applications for their MDTs that are customized to fit their specific business needs. The partnership between QSI and ISE will provide customers with the resources to specify, develop and deploy complete hardware and software solutions that are customized for their end users.

"ISE brings a wealth of experienced talent capable of developing first-rate software solutions for the transportation industry," said Zachary Dimick, Product Manager, QSI. "The addition of ISE to our partnership program will allow for a wider range of software and hardware solutions to the end user."

ISE will work with QSI to provide hardware to its customers who require rugged, industry-leading MDTs as part of a broader product offering. ISE has full access to development-level tools for QSI's TREQ products and is supported in their efforts by QSI's engineering teams. ISE provides the transportation software industry with extensive experience providing business strategy, project management, system engineering, software development and quality assurance services. From this expertise many end-to-end solutions have been developed incorporating mobile devices, wireless communication and back-office information portals. Some sample solutions include DOT compliant driver log applications, two-way driver messaging applications, vehicle diagnostics, and location-based services as well as integration with existing back-end solutions.

About QSI Corporation
Established in 1983, QSI Corporation is a manufacturer of rugged handheld, panel-mount and pedestal-mount terminals for industrial OEMs and commercial vehicle systems integrators. QSI's human machine interface and mobile data terminal products include character and graphic terminals that are programmable, customizable, CE certified and NEMA 4/12/13 rated. QSI excels at designing and building custom and semi-custom terminals able to withstand high levels of shock, vibration, humidity and other environmental parameters. All QSI Corporation products are manufactured in the USA at the company's headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, contact QSI Corporation at 801-466-8770 or visit

About Innovative Software Engineering
ISE is a leading full-service software development and systems integration firm providing business strategy, program management, systems engineering, software development and quality assurance services. ISE specializes in developing telematics solutions, enterprise mobility applications and custom software tailored to customers' unique needs. Customers come from a wide range of industries including communications, education, telematics, transportation and health care. More information can be found on the company's web site at

Jericho, NY (Vocus/PRWEB ) -- Automotive aftermarket manufacturers find themselves in a precarious position as a result of the downturn in the nation's economy. On the one hand, the market for aftermarket products is strong, as many consumers are opting to forego new car purchases in favor of maintaining existing vehicles. But, the costs of moving those car and truck parts through the supply chain have increased dramatically in recent months. As a result, many automotive aftermarket manufacturers are looking to an experienced logistics provider, Purolator USA, for cost-savings solutions and insight into the unique needs of the industry.

Purolator USA offers comprehensive logistics services for shipments traveling across the border into Canada as well as for shipments traveling within the United States. Purolator is noted for its extensive distribution networks within each country, its cross border and regulatory expertise, and for its high level of customer service. "Purolator's core strengths can really help automotive aftermarket manufacturers during the current economic downturn," says Purolator USA Director of Transportation Solutions, Michael Locke.

Each Purolator USA customer works with a service professional to understand the unique needs of the customer's supply chain. A client relations representative, who understands each of the customers' needs, ensures the individualized logistics plan is maintained. This is particularly important in the automotive aftermarket industry, where time is of the essence in getting an auto or truck part delivered to a waiting customer.

"Our logistics specialists are able to help customers evaluate their shipping needs and priorities, and put together cost efficient logistics solutions that ensure timely delivery," says Locke. "We have many tools to offer our customers that help us control costs while ensuring a smooth and timely logistics process."

Purolator USA often evaluates shipment linehaul, which results in lower transit costs. For goods crossing the border, consolidating shipments can mean minimal delays and reduced import fees, since consolidated goods cross the border as single shipment, rather than as a group of individual packages.

Purolator also offers aftermarket manufacturers access to its deep distribution networks throughout both the U.S. and Canada. "Goods travel on a Purolator truck with minimal stopovers or transfers, and customers in even the most remote regions of the two countries can be accessed," says Locke. "And," he adds, "Many aftermarketers are realizing that it makes sense to send return shipments back with Purolator. This way, we're able to maximize efficiencies and better manage costs."

This increased attention to customers' bottom lines comes at a time when transportation logistics are at a high. A recent study by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals found that American businesses spent $1.4 trillion on logistics last year. While fuel prices have come down, logistics prices overall remain high due to decreased volume and higher operating costs.

"While there is no magic solution, we can make sure customers are operating as wisely and efficiently as possible," Locke said.

Purolator USA is the small-package and freight forwarding subsidiary of Canada's leading overnight courier company. In the United States, Purolator USA has doubled the size of its office network during the past 18 months, with branches now operating in Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Philadelphia, Raleigh/Durham, Buffalo, New York/Metro and Newburgh, NY.

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For more information, please contact:
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Purolator USA
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