CHICAGO--Real Time Freight is demonstrating their commitment to the environment by partnering with more green-conscious customers and supporting shipping companies who focus on a greener environment. Real Time Freight is taking big steps to form new relationships with recycling companies to help them succeed in business and achieve economical efficiencies through our load board.

In addition to developing direct relationships with recycling companies, Real Time Freight is supporting national and regional associations that serve the recycling industry and environmental awareness. They are proud new members of the Illinois Recycling Association and the National Recycling Coalition.

Designed to streamline and enhance the management of freight transportation, the Real Time Freight solution currently provides 1,000's of companies with significant business advantages. Members of the Real Time Freight shipping community save both time and money with the web-based solution that connects all traffic managers across an organization directly to freight carriers to simplify and enhance truck finding and carrier confirmation through a centralized and closed-loop communication system. The system can be used to improve a company’s management of their own dedicated carriers, or traffic managers can post their freight to the spot market network, where over 12,000 transportation companies are searching for loads. By performing all load communication through the closed-loop, online system, transportation managers can eliminate hours of phone time each day, while building a history of data that will improve decision making capabilities going forward.

Real Time Freight is a proven technology leader in the freight transportation industry. Their complete offering of web-based solutions streamlines communication amongst all participants involved with freight transportation. With Real Time Freight, comprehensive and time-sensitive load information is communicated to all available carrier firms in real-time. Shippers and distributors of all sizes, in industries as varied as scrap materials, paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, electronics, construction and demolition debris, organics, steel, equipment, lumber and more are realizing the tremendous benefits of managing their freight through the Real Time Freight network.

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