Convenient internet service further expanded

DHL customers can now prepare their parcels for global dispatch from their home PC. As usual, customers only need Internet access and a printer to do this.

Until now customers have been able to frank their parcels with the easy-to-use internet application offered by the Deutsche Post subsidiary for shipment within Germany or the European Union. Now they can also complete all the necessary customs documentation for worldwide shipment from their own PC and print it all out with the parcel "franking" label.

The program is easy to use and provides direct assistance on entering data for the customs declaration, parcel registration card and receipt of posting.

Easily accessible - anytime, anywhere

As is now customary with DHL online franking, worldwide shipments made online are one Euro cheaper than in the Deutsche Post retail outlets. Additional services, such as carbon neutral transportation or collection, are also available. There are no minimum shipment amounts and it is not necessary to pre-register for the service.

We are again improving our internet services by offering worldwide shipments and are reiterating our promise to our customers of being easily accessible, anytime and anywhere, confirms Thomas Ogilvie, Product Manager for Private Customers at DHL Parcels.

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