43 Countries Host Events on World Usability Day to Support Transportation Being Easier and Safer to Use While More Energy Friendly for Our Environment

BOSTON, MA -- On November 13, 2008, an estimated 50,000 participants and volunteers from corporations, organizations, and universities around the world will focus on a common global concern -- transportation usability and its impact on our environment. World Usability Day 2008 will launch the Global Transport Challenge at http://www.worldusabilityday.org to help individuals measure their everyday travel usage; monitor their carbon travel footprint and compare it with others around the world; and minimize their energy usage through alternative travel choices and simple travel changes.

Events in 43 countries and counting will enable participants to draw attention to some of the key challenges and opportunities in transportation today. Additionally tens of thousands more individuals will participate online by taking the Global Transport Challenge.

World Usability Day was founded in 2005 as an initiative of the Usability Professionals' Association (UPA) to ensure that the services and products important to life are easier to access and simpler to use. (www.upassoc.org)

As this fourth annual global series of events on the benefits of usability engineering and user-centered design kicks off, transportation will play center stage. Crossing cultural and political boundaries, people from major cities like New York, London, Hong Kong and Sydney, to far-reaching regions such as Iceland, Chile, New Zealand, Israel and Cuba, and first-time event hosts in Pakistan, Reunion Island, Estonia and Peru, will come together to begin a dialogue and identify solutions that will impact our world. A complete list of countries, events and online programs is available at www.worldusabilityday.org.

"The most exciting thing about World Usability Day 2008 is that during this global economic crisis, we are able to bring together people from 43 countries to facilitate events raising awareness for the impact design and usability has on our everyday lives. This year's theme of transportation helps illuminate important issues such as advancing ecologically friendly transport; improving the design and safety of our transportation vehicles and infrastructure; the security of our travel systems; and opportunities for reducing our everyday carbon footprint," notes Elizabeth Rosenzweig, founder of World Usability Day.

Says Brian Sullivan, the 2008 World Usability Day Theme Chair, "The transportation challenges of today will greatly impact the future design of airplanes, cars, hotels, roads, cities, the environment, and more. We are starting to see consumers change their travel behavior -- switching to smaller cars, carpooling to work, combining errands, and more. . The Global Transport Challenge gives consumers a way to measure their current travel choices, so they can manage their future travels."

This year's events will draw attention to some of the key challenges and opportunities in transportation today -- safety and security, new modes of transportation -- from autos of the future to bike sharing, infrastructure, signage and online transportation resources. Examples of events include: An International Test and Study of Parking Meter Designs by UXAlliance Partners, Understanding the Success of the Octopus Card -- the world's leading transport and small payment card -- in Hong Kong, to the study of New York City Taxicab Designs and The Future of Aviation and Airport Usability in Dallas, Texas.

Sponsors include Adobe, Apogee, Aerva, Axure, Bishoff Communications, Burst Media, Constant Contact, Creative With Direction, E Software, Eventbrite, Exclusive Concepts, FatDux, Intuit, MadPow, Mitsue-Links, Oho Interactive, Ovo Studios, Techsmith, Texas Tech University, Usability.ch, Usability.de, and VKI Studios.

For more information visit www.worldusabilityday.org.

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