SANTA ROSA, CA -- Electric car pioneer ZAP is providing fleets with a better solution when it comes to 100 percent electric, plug-in transportation with the introduction of its four-wheel ZAP Truck XL. The new addition to ZAP's line offers an 800 pound payload.

Electric trucks like ZAP's new XL fill a growing niche for fleets and small businesses that demand more flexibility and economy in their vehicle mix. The XL is a robust four-wheel truck with ample cab space and payload capacity making it ideal for industrial and utility fleet purposes. In the United States, it meets full DOT requirements for 25 MPH Low Speed Vehicles. As part of ZAP's global distribution strategy, the XL will be designed to meet or exceed government certifications for most of the world.

The ZAP Truck XL is able to drive up to thirty miles on a charge. From a standard 110 volt outlet the ZAP Truck XL recharges in about six hours and an 80 percent charge in just four hours. ZAP offers optional upgrades to 220 volt charging for faster charging.

"We love it!" said Richard Ghilotti of Ghilotti Construction in Santa Rosa, California, which operates more than 100 vehicles in its fleet and is the first customer for the ZAP Truck XL. "Now we have an all-electric truck to run mail, parts and odd-jobs which
don't require a big diesel or gas truck." Ghilotti has made a comprehensive effort to follow green practices and invest in renewable construction techniques and technologies. Recently Ghilotti opened a new green headquarters in Santa Rosa where the electric trucks will be used.

The larger truck presents an opportunity for ZAP dealers to reach out to local fleets looking for larger payload electric vehicles that will help them save capital costs while helping protect the environment. The electric utility vehicle is also practical for consumers and small business owners.

ZAP estimates the XL truck costs between one and three cents per mile to fuel. Fewer moving parts mean less overall maintenance than gas. Operating costs are about half that of a small gas truck over a three year period. Furthermore, a California Air Resources Board study shows electric vehicles can reduce emissions by more than 90 percent over gasoline, including the emissions from power plants.

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